Love and Virtue

In a timid thought by chance I traced
A faint and fleeting path.
Like a rabbit trail it seemed too shy
To promise much to any traveler.
And more than once, I lost sight of it among my gadding thoughts.
But as a nerve would spurn against the body’s foes,
So my senses seemed to meekly guide me there.
And once resigned to hope, I trod that road
Beyond the thoroughfares of strife.



3 thoughts on “Love and Virtue

  1. I love this post, Jeff. Thank you. I read it to Grandpa on Sunday and he really enjoyed it too. So good to see you and so good to read the feelings we share about Grandma in your writing


    • Thanks, for the kind words Cuz! It was an unforgettable week. I can’t keep from smiling as I think back on the dozens of interactions we had among each other. I’m glad Grandpa liked the poem, although now I’m worried that he’s going to expect a few lines from me every time we talk!


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